eBook Thoughts

As the production manager at my publishing house, I’ve been dealing a lot with eBooks: conversion to epub format, setting up with e-retailers, and making sure I have pristine metadata as a tasty sidedish. It’s been quite a journey so far, and I’m really happy to see our authors getting increased exposure using new technologies. Although I don’t believe e-reading is going to replace print books, it will certainly only become more widespread as more devices support eBooks.

In the same way I love to see a book reach new readers and markets when we produce a new edition, I feel creating the epub file is very similar. A lot like creating the mass market paperback edition or the paperback after the hardback.

It will be really interesting to see sales reports after Christmas Day. I have a sneaking suspicion that e-readers of all kinds will be on wish lists this year, and the ability to instantly download titles via Wi-Fi or your PC will definitely be a bonus to booksellers.

I’m looking forward to creating lots of eBooks in the coming year alongside the print editions!