Author festival time = fun times!

I’ve been attending lots of author readings and panels this week at #IFOA at Harbourfront Centre, mainly as part of my job (one of the many parts that I love!). McArthur & Company has seven authors in Toronto this year, so that’s a lot of events to check out.

I do quite enjoy hearing McArthur authors read, but by far my favourite part of IFOA is being introduced to the work of new authors, ones I might have heard of, or seen their books on a shelf, but never ones who entered by to-read radar. Last year, Jess Walter read from his novel The Financial Loves of Poets, and as my review says, it was one of the best books I read in 2011. I bought it at the festival in 2010, but it took me about six months to read it finally — very glad I did.

This year, I’ve added several books to my to-read list. Scottish mystery author Stuart MacBride was hilarious (quite a performer). His series featuring Logan McRae is about seven books in. I’m definitely planning to dive into number one, Cold Granite. Another author to check out is Patricia Marx, a humour columnist and novelist. I want to read her first novel, Him Her Him Again The End of Him. A weird and wonderful title for what promises to be a darkly funny book about relationships.

Have you been to any author festivals or readings this year that really sparked your interest? Did the author make it onto your to-read list as a result?