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Are you excited for the fall season of CanLit?

You know that feeling of going back to school? I usually dread it, because it means the end of summer’s carefreeness and warm weather, but at the same time I get a feeling of anticipation. Getting new school clothes (and choosing the perfect outfit for your first day) and all those shiny new school supplies (pencils, cool erasers, geometry sets) and new books!

Well, a wonderful thing about publishing is enjoying that feeling again, with all the lovely new books being published in fall, or “awards season.” I love checking out the Fall Preview in Q&Q Magazine, and other sources, to find out what I will want to buy/loan for my fall reading pleasure!

Guy Vanderhaeghe has a new novel this year, and to prepare I am planning to read an earlier novel (The Last Crossing is on my to-read list). He will be at Word on the Street Festival (Toronto) this year. Last year’s Giller Prize-winner Johanna Skibsrud has a story collection (This Will be Difficult to Explain). Already published is Zsuizsi Gartner’s story collection Better Living Through Plastic Explosives. A couple of people have said they love the collection, so I’m hoping to borrow a copy! I’m debating about reading Natural Order by Brian Francis. I want to hear a recommendation first because I’m a little skeptical if I will like it. David Gilmour has a new novel The Perfect Order of Things. His writing style is quasi-autobiographical, and I like its honesty and lack of guile.

OK, those are just a few books I want to read this fall. I’ll probably get a lot more ideas as I browse bookstores and see award shortlists. Are there any books you are anticipating this fall season?

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