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Christmas Baking

I did promise that one of my interests is baking. I write this in my bio because I’ve loved baking since I was a kid. Lately it seems I haven’t had a lot of time for it. Christmas changes that, and I’m aiming to make six types of cookies to share with co-workers and at family gatherings over the holidays. So far I’ve made ginger-molasses cookies, pinwheels, and chocolate-dipped maple logs. Halfway there! Pictures to come soon.

There are certain foods that strongly remind me of Christmastime; for instance, today I was eating a clementine and I started thinking of opening stockings (my dad always puts one in the toe!) Or I made hot apple cider for some friends I had over yesterday; my parents would always have this on the stove for a wintertime party and it smells sooooo good. Anyone else have foods that trigger good memories of this season?

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