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My new adventures in ebook development

2011 was the year I expanded my skills in print book layout and typesetting, taking courses at George Brown in Digital Publishing software, but mainly practicing on my own initiative to learn typesetting. The actual technical skills weren’t too hard to obtain because I’ve been using InDesign for three years now. It was all about measuring actual print books to find out best practices for margin and text block sizes, and searching out the right font sizes and leading for a particular book.

I want to make 2012 the year I learn to make effective ebooks in .epub format. I’ve been working with ebooks for over a year now. I think it’s time to crack open that .epub file so I can create both print and digital books. My starting point is Liz Castro’s book EPUB Straight to the Point, which I bought in print format (is that ironic?). It is a great resource to learn the steps to creating your first ebook.

I’m interested in taking ebook development a step further as the year progresses and need all the help I can get! Let me know in the comments about your favourite resources, blogs, courses or books on ebook production. 

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