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My Journey by Olivia Chow – book review by Kendra Martin

My Journey by Olivia ChowI’ve read some critical reviews of Olivia Chow’s memoir, basically saying that Olivia has an agenda in writing it or that she doesn’t construct a good narrative. I would have to disagree with the negative response and say I really liked reading this memoir. It met my expectations for a memoir of a politician — it’s not going to win any literary prizes and it does have a clear political slant, but that’s what you’re expecting when you pick up this book, right?

For me, it was inspiring to read about the initiatives that Olivia has been involved in during her years as a politician and learn more about her causes. She talks a lot about Toronto. It fired me up to see the potential of our city and made me want to get more involved! One of the key messages that came out of this memoir was the deep passion that Olivia has for the city of Toronto and its residents. I’m glad she shared her story.

— My Journey by Olivia Chow | HarperCollins Canada, 2014

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